terça-feira, setembro 15, 2009

STONES x Ed Sullivan

"Before the end of that month, despite a schedule that had seen them almost constantly on tour since the befinning of the year, the Stones were back in America. This time, their British sucess followed them across the Atlantic. The road trip began with a first appearence on the prestigious Ed Sullivan Show, and diring it the youthful audience went absolutely crazy. It was not a spectacle whioch Sullivan was keen to repeat. "I promise you, they´ll never be back on our show", he said sternly. "If things can´t handled, we will stop the whole business. We won´t book any more rock´n´roll groups and we´ll ban teenagers from the theatre if we have to... It took me 17 years to build this show. I´m not going to have it distroyed in a matter of weeks". Sullivan´s nay-saying attitude had the effect of generating yet more publicy for the British boys." quote & unquote

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