quinta-feira, setembro 17, 2009

Stones 69 - Mick, Keith & Marianne

"By coincidence or otherwise, just a week later the police were given an anonymous tip that Keith Richard's beautiful home - Redlands, in West Wittering, Sussex - was being used as a haven for the taking of ilicit drugs. Swooping on the property in full force, the authorities discovered Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Marianne Faithfull and friends relaxing around the television after a day in the country. In truth, everyone present had been tripping on acid throughout the afternoon, including Beatle George Harrison and his wife Patti, who had fortuitously left early and so avoided meeting the gatecrachers. However, although there was a large quantity of LSD on the premises, the police failed to discover it and found little to incriminate Keith Richard. After a search of the property they seized drug paraphernalia, some amphetamine tablets from Jagger's coat and some heroin belonging to a friend, London gallery-owner Robert Fraser, but no charges were immediately preferred. They then made their exit, leaving the company in a state of shock. 'Poor Mick', Marianne Faithfull later recalled. 'He could hardly believe his bad luck. The first day he ever dares take an LSD trip, 18 policemen come pouring in through the door." Quote & Unquote

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